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Download facebook video Some Of The Gnarliest River Sup’ing You Will Ever See Click Here

Some Of The Gnarliest River Sup’ing You Will Ever See! Click Here For The Full 2 minute clip: [ Link ]

In case you had any question about what is possible on a river with a stand up paddleboard…here is your answer! This highlight reel of team Badfish river sup sessions of 2016 is nothing short of heart pounding, epic, and downright fun to watch:
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River Sup by Badfish
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Clay Feeter

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Standup Journal
08/17/2017 at 19:10. Facebook
Summer #sup shenanigans Sustain Surf Co. with a #StarboardSUP #Ecoboard
Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing
Download facebook video Summer sup shenanigans Sustain Surf Co with a StarboardSUP Ecoboard

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