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Download facebook video That's exactly the table I'll get ASAP :D

That's exactly the table I'll get ASAP! :D
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The ultimate coffee table
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Guys, it works!

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Download facebook video Guys  it works  

✍ via Sycra  www sycra net 
youtube com/Sycra

Why has no one shown this to me before?

Katja Drona
Intelligent chat-bot against scamming.

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Download facebook video Intelligent chat bot against scamming ✌ via Netsafe facebook com/netsafeNZ twitt

Scam, an artificially intelligent chatbot.

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Smart is the New Sexy
Smart is the New Sexy
yesterday at 12:30. Facebook
Laser leveling machine.
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A perfectly smooth surface.

Smart is the New Sexy
Dennis Ritchie