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Download facebook video Stand To Honor posted on 05/16/2017

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[WATCH VIDEO] It took 11 days of standing 24 hours a day to reach our goal of $1 Million for the Folds of Honor foundation. This video shows the journey. Thank you to everyone that supported this initiative. Over 6500 people gave to Stand To Honor and 200 lives will forever be changed because of it. Together we witnessed a miracle. Folds of Honor Major Dan Rooney #standtohonor
Download facebook video WATCH VIDEO It took 11 days of standing 24 hours a

Stand To Honor Highlights

Joan Manson Haddock
A PRICELESS DONATION, unbelievable! #ItsAllBeenWorthIt
Download facebook video A PRICELESS DONATION unbelievable ItsAllBeenWorthIt
Paula Billups
Bobbi Jo
BIGGEST NEWS YET, we can FINISH this in (3) Hours. Please share, donate, whatever you can. Local company KE Andrews MATCHING ALL DONATIONS until 8pm. Veteran standing on box with service dog until goal is met, trying to end this tonight. EVERYTHING HELPS. #America
Download facebook video BIGGEST NEWS YET we can FINISH this in 3 Hours Please share

Final Push!

Steve Schultz
Malerie Silos