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Download facebook video Eye see what he did there via The Future Is Now

Eye see what he did there.

via The Future Is Now
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This Man Has A Camera In His Eye
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George Takei
George Takei
today at 05:35. Facebook
Caution, folks--strong visuals on this one. Iris I had a warning, myself.

Via Super Deluxe
Download facebook video Caution folks strong visuals on this one Iris I had a warning myself

Making Prosthetic Eyes | Stoned Mode

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George Takei
George Takei
today at 04:29. Facebook
This should pooch you in a good mood.

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Download facebook video This should pooch you in a good mood 

Via In The Know

Swimsuit brand puts your pet on your bathing suit

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George Takei
George Takei
yesterday at 23:01. Facebook
The statistics behind heatwave-related deaths are concerning, though not always easily discoverable.

Via Years of Living Dangerously
Download facebook video The statistics behind heatwave related deaths are concerning though not always easily

Matt Damon: Mercury Rising

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