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Download facebook video Bass Musician Magazine posted on 07/03/2017

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Digital Bird Music Nest

"The Ghost & The Mad Man" Original Composition by Bentura Madrid

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Michael Alarid
Zaire Blackshire

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Mike shared....I recently produced a bass play-through video for the metal band, Cognitive, featuring their very talented fretless bass player, Ian Bainbridge. I really think the metal bass player community would really enjoy this video.

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Cognitive "The Forgotten" Ian Bainbridge Bass Playthrough

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Bentura Amabq Madrid....Here's and Original I Did with my beloved Sire bass back in April... [ Link ]
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Digital Bird Music Nest

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Luke shared...New single from my band! Bass heavy using my Lakland Darryl jones and MarkBass rig. [ Link ]
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Chris shared...
how about a nile cover?
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how about a nile cover

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