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Download facebook video "Life is difficult because I’m alone If I had someone else I

"Life is difficult because I’m alone. If I had someone else, I could endure," says Lina. The 16-year-old from South Sudan is living by herself in the world's largest refugee settlement; Bidibidi in northern Uganda. Lina fled Juba when her father was murdered. Her only living relative, her elder brother, is on a scholarship somewhere in the U.S. She lost his contact details in the chaos. Lina told us her story while she painted a self-portrait inspired by the work of Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier.

Learn more about our project, #ABrighterFuture here: [ Link ] #UgSolidarity Apartial
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"I love her a lot. She has the ability to create something out of nothing. WIthout her, the whole family simply would not be."

After 22 years Saadiye's husband is still head over heels in love with her. Through life's toughest challenges, including fleeing to a refugee camp in Lebanon, they have stuck together. Watch this video to see their recipe for lasting love <3 #ThankfulThursday
Download facebook video "I love her a lot She has the ability to create something

Lasting love.mp4

So far this year we've provided 647,000 people with clean water...but with 23 million people facing a water crisis, there's a lot more we need to do!

[ Link ]
Download facebook video So far this year we've provided 647 000 people with clean water

Millions affected by a water crisis in Eastern Africa

Nothing beats a warm welcome! We've just spent two weeks in remote areas of Democratic Republic of Congo distributing emergency food like high energy biscuits to 8,000 mothers and babies.
Download facebook video Nothing beats a warm welcome We've just spent two weeks in remote

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