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Download facebook video Yesterday April 11th 2017 we explored the road from Batan Grande to

Yesterday (April 11th 2017) we explored the road from Batan Grande to Incahuasi. After the major damage from the flooding it is still closed just past Mochumi Viejo and just below Laquipampa National Park. We were able to fly through the canyon with our drone. The government is making great progress clearing it. Many people are waking the 12+ hours still up to Incahuasi, with large bags of food, as they are running out of supplies at higher elevations. We were told that it would take approximately another week to clear the road fully. You can see how much water has moved through this area with all the heavy rain. Massive boulders have been moved and amazing amounts of sediment transported down to the valley below.

Fernando Angulo Pratolongo Steve Mandel Nci Noroeste Wildlife Conservation Network
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Incawassi Road Washout
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