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Download facebook video FEATURE | Issue 027 A Laverda Story Words Chris Nelson | Images

FEATURE | Issue 027

A Laverda Story

Words Chris Nelson | Images Charles Séguy Storytelling

Jean-Louis Olive geeks out over Laverda, the forgotten Italian motorcycle company that exists now as little more than a trademark under the Piaggio umbrella. Laverda cut its teeth making agricultural machinery before transitioning to motorcycle production in the wake of World War II, creating cheap, small transportation before transitioning to bigger, more performance-orientated bikes in the ‘60s. "Laverda was a special company where the human element was respected, no matter if people were managers, engineers, or workers," says Olive. "Even when former Laverda owners would come to visit the factory after the Bol d'Or race each year, they were welcomed as VIPs. Their motorbikes were maintained for free, they could eat with the workers at the company restaurant, and the factory organized a visit to the city of Venice free of charge. This special and unusual atmosphere — very far from modern management policies — made the relationships within the Laverda community very strong and created a unique identity that still exists today..."

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