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Download facebook video Headed to Wisconsin any time soon Well maybe you should be as

Headed to Wisconsin any time soon? Well, maybe you should be as the Harley-Davidson Museum is hosting an Oilers Car Club Race of Gentlemen Special exhibit from June16 - Sept. 4th, 2017.

“'The Race of Gentlemen' will take over The Garage, a 10,000-square-foot special event space located on the H-D Museum campus, beginning June 16 and running through Labor Day (Sept. 4). In addition to displaying portraits, bikes and roadsters pulled from past races, The Race of Gentlemen exhibit will reveal the passion and devotion TROG compatriots bring to this sandy spectacle.

The special exhibit will also profile the adrenaline-fueled racers featured through photography from David Carlo and Cory Piehowicz."

It's only 2 days out! Head to the H-D Museum website for more info about the show.

Photos - David Carlo
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