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Download facebook video Live with the Diesel Brothers Nitro the 1st four "Truck Norris" finalist

Live with the Diesel Brothers, Nitro, the 1st four "Truck Norris" finalist, friends & fans. Make sure you visit your local Maverik store, register to win "Truck Norris" & pick up some CForce water. Thanks, Chuck Norris
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Diesel Brothers, Nitro & "Truck Norris"
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Diesel Brothers
Kourtney Reppert
Bronze Hpp Bomber
James Justin Straight
Ronda Siemens Carico
Vickie Adams
Tudor Pertea
Janie Rios
Corrie Everhart
Mary Louise Mcintosh

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Download facebook video When I ask you to make a GIF it’s not a suggestion

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This is our youngest grandson Cash! He is fearless and definitely a Norris.
Download facebook video This is our youngest grandson Cash He is fearless and definitely a Norris
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