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Download facebook video The reaction of the guy on the left was priceless

The reaction of the guy on the left was priceless!
via Ollie B,
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When your nerdy UBER driver goes off
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I constantly forget, if i closed the door. I really need this key right now!
via Levsha,
Download facebook video I constantly forget if i closed the door I really need this key right now

This key indicates if you closed the door or not

Khaled Esam
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Age is just a number.
via Greta Pontarelli,,
Download facebook video Age is just a number via Greta Pontarelli aerialzen com instagram com/aerialzen

It's hard to believe, but this cool athlete is 67!

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Jennifer Absher
Where she got that mini kitchen? I want it!
via Jenny’s mini cooking Show
Download facebook video Where she got that mini kitchen I want it

Cooking a mimi cake

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She is very touched her grandma!
Download facebook video She is very touched her grandma via facebook com/jkesue instagram com/Jackie_Sue_Oelfke

Unexpected generosity from a 5-year-old girl

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