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06/13/2017. Facebook

Download facebook video Experience The Sprint Cars of New England like never before put yourself

Experience The Sprint Cars of New England like never before, put yourself INSIDE the car and watch as they rip down the track. Absolutely love seeing this stuff from our fans!
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949 Productions: #01 Tyler Austin SCONE Feature 6/10/17

The Sprint Cars of New England invaded Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT last night. These 600 plus horsepower 1200lbs monsters put on an incredible show. Their feature went green flag to checkered flag with no yellows. Just good clean fast racing! This video features SCONE driver #01 Tyler Austin during his feature!

For best viewing results hit that HD button, grab an office chair, and spin around for a full 360* ride along in a Sprint car! Thanks for watching! Like and Share!!!

Camera: 360FLY 4k #missnothing #360fly4k

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