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Download facebook video Worked on this FREEHAND live video on Facebook Go check it out

Worked on this FREEHAND live video on Facebook. Go check it out! #blackandgray shoulder #pauldron #wolftattoo Kicking things off with his Half-Day Session 5 hrs Happy Sunday!

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We are located in downtown Fayetteville, NC just outside Fort Bragg Army Base! For more check out: Instagram: Bloodandbonecustomtattoo Twitter: HalSawyer

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Download facebook video Worked on this FREEHAND live video on Facebook Go check it out
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Kiss And Make Upflac

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Waiting For Tomorrowflac

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Written In The Starsflac

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Taki Takiflac

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Without Meflac

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I'll Never Love Againflac

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I'm Still Hereflac

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Woman Like Meflac

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Breach (Walk Alone)flac

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Friday November 9 @ 1:00 until done

One DOPE #GuaranteedOriginal Tattoo, One Session, One Flat Rate!
**UNEDITED VIDEO of "Jenkins" done in an Artist Choice Session**
Deposit Required!

INBOX or TEXT 910-850-0241 or 845.549.4728
Download facebook video ARTIST's CHOICE OPENING with Hal: Friday November 9 1:00 until done One

Jenkins #FreehandTattoo by Hal Sawyer

Next Week! Stanley will be back in the house to add Mr. Freeze to his Batman themed sleeve. Gotta love that #SessionProgression!

Do YOU #ExpectMore?

For BOOKING INFO, General Rates or to schedule your FREE CONSULT TEXT US 910-850-0241
Download facebook video Next Week Stanley will be back in the house to add Mr
Got an old tattoo that no longer suits your personality?? Get something GREAT this time around!

That’s an UNEDITED VIDEO #nofilter work in progress!

**We are selective when taking on re-works or covers, and we’ll give it to you straight!!

TEXT us 910.850.0241/845.549.4728

#HustleButterDeluxe #CBDLuxe #kwadron #goldstandardcartridges #CBDeluxe #protonpen #coveruptattoo... View more »
Download facebook video Got an old tattoo that no longer suits your personality Get something
One of a Kind, Every Time!
#GuaranteedOriginal #ExpectMore

TEXT 910-850-0241 or 845-549-4728

*deposit required*
Download facebook video One of a Kind Every Time GuaranteedOriginal ExpectMore GET YOURS CONSLULT/BOOKING INFO:
Sneak Peek into Hal’s cover-up strategy for our new friend Chris!
This will eventually be a dark & gothy full sleeve, but first lets send his old tattoo packing—first sesh today !!

Need a cover up?
Its not like slapping a new sticker on top of an old one, find the right artist: Text us 910-850-0241
Download facebook video Sneak Peek into Hal’s cover up strategy for our new friend Chris
Alan Brown
Dietrich Rolfe
WHOA! Check Gage’s sleeve in-progress Stay tuned for MORE scheduled for November! Love that #SessionProgression

Hey, do you #ExpectMore?
BOOKING INFO/Schedule a Consult: TEXT us at 910-850-0241

**This is an UNEDITED VIDEO**
Download facebook video WHOA Check Gage’s sleeve in progress Stay tuned for MORE scheduled for
Ericson Brooks
Jamie Williams
Look at RJ’s #GuaranteedOriginal bad ass St. Michael First Responder 9-11 piece to kick off his sleeve—this is his first tattoo!
Second session coming soon, thanks for looking!

CONSULTS/BOOKING INFO: TEXT us at 910-850-0241
Download facebook video Look at RJ’s GuaranteedOriginal bad ass St Michael First Responder 9 11