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Download facebook video Video Of My Trip At Stickman Drum Camp : It Was Fun Enjoy

Video Of My Trip At Stickman Drum Camp! :-) It Was Fun! Enjoy!

Aperçu De Mon Séjour Au Stickman Drum Camp! :-) C'était Le Fun! :-)

*Song By Antoine Fafard (The Chamber)
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Emmanuelle Caplette At Stickman Drum Camp 2016
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Jon Capo
Gabriel Leymonerie
Aurélien Musseta
Teixeira Leonardo
Cyler Wiens
Alex Hamilton
Adam Spiteri
Ammihud Simon
Ron Nuttall
Sonnie Joe Chamberlain

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DRUM SOLO of our Single! So Proud!!! It’s a great achievement!!!

Link To Purchase Our Song: [ Link ]

Thank You Very Much for your Support!!! SPREAD/SHARE IT!!!
Download facebook video DRUM SOLO of our Single So Proud It’s a great achievement

Emmanuelle Caplette: Drum Solo of Against The Current

Mario Millette
Seth Darren
Tomorrow!!! April 19th!!! Our Single will Be Available!!!! Can’t Wait!!! EC/SM
Download facebook video Tomorrow April 19th Our Single will Be Available Can’t Wait EC/SM

Emmanuelle Caplette: Against The Current Available On April 19th

Emmanuelle Caplette (Site Officiel / Official Website)
John Ella
Practicing a Fun Groove with HH&Ride. Trying to Keep a Constant Snare Sound! It’s fun to play ❤✌ #Practicing #Groove #Fun #Drum
Download facebook video Practicing a Fun Groove with HH Ride Trying to Keep a Constant

Emmanuelle Caplette: Practicing a Fun Groove With HH&Ride

John Ella
Rex Bleau
Triplet Drum Fills! Enjoy & Share! ✌ Pattern: K-R-L-K-L-R & Repeat...
Download facebook video Triplet Drum Fills Enjoy Share ✌ Pattern: K R L K L R Repeat

Emmanuelle Caplette: Triplet Drum Fills 2018

Haakon Squist
Don McNulty
Quintuplets Control with Accents! Measures 2&4: RRR-LL... Have Fun & Spread It!!! ProLogix PercussionVic Firth
Download facebook video Quintuplets Control with Accents Measures 2 4: RRR LL Have Fun Spread

Emmanuelle Caplette: Quintuplets Control with Accents

Robert D. O'Connor
Haakon Squist
To Give You An Idea Of My Drum Camp! Great Video Produced By Story Eyed Media! I Would Be More Than Happy to Do a Drum Camp in Your City in the Futur!!! ❤ SABIANVic FirthSONOR DRUMSEvans DrumheadsProLogix Percussion
Download facebook video To Give You An Idea Of My Drum Camp Great Video Produced

Emmanuelle Caplette Drum Camp 2018

Alain Lavier
Jérémie Fiset