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CBC News
CBC News
07/03/2017. Facebook

Download facebook video Some of the top scientists were just children when Newfoundland's world famous

Some of the top scientists were just children when Newfoundland's world-famous cod fishery was shut down in early July 1992, and a few were not even born.
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Meet the young scientists who hope to save N.L.'s fishery

After years of devastating cuts to fisheries and oceans science, new funding is bringing young scientists with new tools and different perspectives to the waters of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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"Thank you Canada": This 12-year-old Yazidi boy is reunited with his family in Winnipeg after his rescue from ISIS. [ Link ]
Download facebook video "Thank you Canada": This 12 year old Yazidi boy is reunited with

Yazidi boy reunited with his family after ISIS rescue

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