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Download facebook video If you don't know anyone like this maybe you can't relate to

If you don't know anyone like this maybe you can't relate to her story, that's ok. She is being victimized by circumstances and our government. Many of your fellow Americans suffer these indignities. Those that suffer this way should be helped not kicked to the ground. When you help one you've helped us all. Our tax dollars setup programs in the past, not by Republicans, to help a person in this kind trouble. If I had the means to help every single person like this I would, I can only do what I've done. I have voted time and again for programs to help the poor, collectively, and gladly have paid my taxes to help. Why is it that Republicans want to turn the Government into a business instead of a service?
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Tough Year

People giving her the tickets have NO idea what's going on in her life... These are real people, not actors.
via Caught In Providence,

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