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Download facebook video Watch this video The poor are not your enemy they aren't robbing

Watch this video. The poor are not your enemy, they aren't robbing your taxes. They don't have the means to steal from you or anyone, note when the Judge says "we're keeping track of you". When you tell the government it's a business it takes because it's looking for a profit. The government isn't a business. It's a service and it's supposed to help people without a profit. The profit is being kind, generous and helpful so that those that need help get it. Now, look at what the Republican Congress is trying to do make our government a business... Take from the poorest of poor to give to the rich... Is that what you want?
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Tough Year

People giving her the tickets have NO idea what's going on in her life... These are real people, not actors.
via Caught In Providence,

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I wonder if my Insurance plan covers it?
Download facebook video I wonder if my Insurance plan covers it

We have found the CURE for Trump

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