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Download facebook video Yesterday the House passed Kate's Law largely thanks to Bill O'Reilly

Yesterday, the House passed Kate's Law, largely thanks to Bill O'Reilly.
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Bill O'Reilly on Kate's Law
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On this week's "Sunday Special," Glenn sits down with Ben Shapiro to discuss his new book "Addicted to Outrage." They discuss Glenn's life, conservatism, and the disease that plagues American politics.

You won't want to miss this! It's FUEGO.
Download facebook video On this week's "Sunday Special " Glenn sits down with Ben Shapiro

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My son just had his 14th birthday. 14 years ago a teenage girl made the bravest choice. To carry her child to full term and give him to us. A couple she did not know, a couple that desperately wanted a child, but could not have one on their own.
14 years ago this weekend at 5:26pm, my son was born.

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Download facebook video My son just had his 14th birthday 14 years ago a teenage

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