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Download facebook video Australian Diggers – Guardian Angels In 2012 after a spate of insider

Australian Diggers – Guardian Angels

In 2012, after a spate of insider attacks, the commander of the ISAF, General John Allen, instigated a ‘Guardian Angel’ program: soldiers whose primary role is to provide overwatch of coalition and other friendly forces who are going about their roles in helping to stabilise the country. Australian soldiers have been fulfilling the role for a number of years.

To be a Guardian Angel a soldier must not only be highly trained in his/her normal soldiery skills, but even moreso in training in such things as vehicle extraction, advanced combat first aid, marksmanship, defensive driving and the ability to interact with senior officers and officials and members of the coalition with whom s/he will work and whom s/he be charged to protect.

This video gives not only a good indication of the level of training they go through, but also a snapshot into their operations in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Good Soldiering, 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment!
Video © Commonwealth of Australia
#yourADF #teamofteams #goodsoldiering
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Australian Diggers – Guardian Angels
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