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Download facebook video Western University posted on 06/22/2017

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Dissemunization Station | Patrick Mahon (Visual Arts)

Professor Patrick Mahon from the Department of Visual Arts is at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva for the opening of Immune Nations, an international exhibition about the role that art can play in the global political discourse around life saving vaccines. Watch this video to learn more about this project!

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09/13/2018 at 11:50. Facebook
The new school year is here for 33,000 students at Western. Our Provost and Vice-President wants you to make the most of your Western experience:

"Get involved, get engaged, get connected - in the classroom, clubs, sports and all the extracurriculars and experiences available to you here at Western.” - Dr. Andrew Hrymak, Western’s Provost & Vice-President
Download facebook video The new school year is here for 33 000 students at Western

Get involved, get engaged, get connected