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Download facebook video Alice Klein from DEC member agency Save the Children meets 18 year

Alice Klein, from DEC member agency Save the Children, meets 18 year old Saida, who weighed just 9 kg when she was admitted to hospital but is now on the road to recovery after receiving a special nutrient enriched milk.

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The road to recovery
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Polly Bagnall

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Last year, the DEC launched appeals for Yemen, East Africa and people fleeing Myanmar, helping millions of people. But those crises aren't over, and our appeals remain open. You can help by donating here -[ Link ] Thank you
Download facebook video Last year the DEC launched appeals for Yemen East Africa and people

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1 year, 3 appeals, over £100 million raised. Thank you so much to all of our supporters and fundraisers!
Download facebook video 1 year 3 appeals over £100 million raised Thank you so much

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