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Download facebook video McGill University posted on 06/15/2017

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On the beamlines: Scientists from McGill University's Western laboratory are investigating how resurrection plants re-hydrate. PhD student Véronique Brulé and masters student Mike Odgen used BMIT to image water as it moved through resurrection plants, named such because they can survive extreme dehydration and then rehydrate. There is potential to incorporate the properties of the plant into man-made materials with possible applications in the aerospace, medical and architectural industries.

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“Many times there are easy solutions to problems that we think are difficult.” A special message from Dr. Pavelka, Dr. Moore, Dr. Schwarcz, Dr. Harpp, Dr.Shrier, Dr. Turecki, Mrs. Legros, Mrs. Marcotte, Prof. Brawley. (Video produced for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek by McGill student Elya Quesnel with the help of Alexander McCarthy and Zoe Verzani, for the Bridge initiative.) For more info see: View more »
Download facebook video “Many times there are easy solutions to problems that we think are

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