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Download facebook video "When you look around you will see problems When you look up

"When you look around, you will see problems. When you look up, you will see solutions. We have been chosen to bring heaven's solutions to earth's problems." -Lisa Bevere from last year's Prophetic Conference.
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Lisa Bevere | Heaven's Solutions to Earth's Problems
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As we began dreaming about our new buildings, the Scripture that constantly came to mind was Nehemiah 2:10-20. This is the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah knew that if he did not build the walls that were meant to be there, to protect and grow Jerusalem back to its inheritance. We know that the Lord has called us to impact the city of Redding, California and we... View more »
Download facebook video As we began dreaming about our new buildings the Scripture that constantly
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We are a movement of people displaying the glory of God. We desire to equip people, restore ruined cities, be a launching pad for generations, and model a community pursuing the kingdom of Heaven. For the past few decades we have been receiving prophetic words about new buildings and we have reached a point that those words are becoming a reality. We are launching this campaign in order to see... View more »
Download facebook video We are a movement of people displaying the glory of God We
Bethel Church, Redding
Bethel Church, Redding
04/21/2018 at 03:46. Facebook
It's so powerful to remind ourselves of the all-powerful, almighty nature of God. Take a moment to refresh your heart with the truth of His Greatness and authority over your story!
Download facebook video It's so powerful to remind ourselves of the all powerful almighty nature

Sunday Evening Worship 3/18/18

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"You are the Everlasting Light." In the darkness, He shines as the Light of the World; our Redeemer and Friend, our Servant King. Take a moment to worship with us in this powerful moment of passionate praise from a recent service.
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"God wants to turn your test into a testimony." In a message from Chris Gore, he encourages us to see God in every circumstance of our lives. Through every trial and test, God is with us, for us, and moving in the midst of our situation. Take a moment to watch this powerful video in which Chris shares on God's nearness in every moment and detail. // Chris and his team will be leading a Healing... View more »
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