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Protection of Your Gas Line from Freezing by Orange County Plumbing

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Protection of Your Gas Line from Freezing by Orange County Plumbing

The Orange County plumbing services must protect your gas line when it is freezing in freezing weather. It is a very normal thing for the cold weather reason specifically. Whether the source of the gas is “natural gas” or “produced gas,” it will get affected by the problem. The cold does not only affect the pipeline, but it can create issues in the measurement and failure of the instruments too. To keep your entire gas system safe from freezing troubles, you can follow the following solutions:

Remove Water

The most known way to dehydrate a massive volume of gas is through the regenerative method or the Triethylene glycol absorption. Inside the vessel, it is the contractor the gas passes here through the glycol. Thus, you can remove the water, vapor, or mist from the system. Now the pure glycol will reach the highest point of the contractor. Here the gas dries and leaves the place.

You Can Take Precaution to Prevent Freezing

Suppose you are going through your gas system’s planning and designing phase. You may take some steps here to choose the materials which will not let the gas freeze in cold temperatures. Some piping configurations will not allow liquids to come together, which can freeze the system later. The setup of the drainage should be in the slop and low places.

Use the large-diameter tube and ball valves if there is a chance. It helps to sense an instrument feed line. If there are any possibilities to flow, avoid them permanently. The tube will run in the downward position to the pipeline. As a result, there will remain no leaks in your system. If there is any liquid by chance, the leak will draw them.

Use of Methanol 

You can use methanol injection for any specific place or smaller systems. As it is an antifreeze solution, people use it a lot. You can inject methanol into the gas stream using chemical injection pumps. Either way, it can enter the pipeline by the methanol drips, which can lower the freezing point of your gas. How much methanol you will need for your gas system can be calculated for any specific place. Many users use methanol for their small volume of gas. It is easy to pass methanol there to complete the treatment. Using an extra filter does not let the methanol fall into the instrumentation.

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The Application of Heat 

Through heating, you can provide a solution for the freezing trouble of your gas line. But the method is expensive. The gas has no permission to reach the cool temperature, which will form ice. Thus, the water is not eliminated. You have to give extra effort to remove the water. If you call for a professional plumber to do it, it will cost you some extra money. Besides, to install the equipment, you need to purchase additional fuel for their operation. Thus, the continuous flow of the heat keeps the system warm to not let it freeze.

Solid Absorption Method for Water Removal 

Another helpful method of removing the water is the molecular sieve or dry bed method. The gas has to pass within the large tower made from solid particles. Here the water absorption is the function of the molecular sieve, which does it very forcefully. You will get too dry gas with a high flow in this way. Finally, the sieves saturate and need to regenerate.

Some Other Ways to Prevent Freezing the Gas System

There may be the presence of liquids or slugs. These materials can cause colossal damage or shut down the system of the instruments. Besides, situations can arise from the slugs and cause severe instrument issues. Here the coalescers and drip pots are the robust solutions. They can assist the system in decreasing the water and condensing it into a small volume. An automatic liquid dump design for the instruments can solve your problem for extreme troubles.

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Concluding Points

The plumber Orange County can provide essential tips for keeping your gas system safe in icy weather. It is problematic for you to handle them. If you want, they will set up the entire gas system in a way to make you relax about the issue!