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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
07/16/2018 at 22:52. Facebook
President Trump, remember, America first.
Download facebook video President Trump  remember  America first
Greg Johnson
Timm Dapp
Happy birthday Sylvester Stallone. You’re a renaissance man, a wonderful friend, and a fantastic hula dancer, but never forget that you’re older than me!
Download facebook video Happy birthday Sylvester Stallone You’re a renaissance man a wonderful friend and
Marcin Kledzik
Sonali Dasgupta
Happy Independence Day! This morning on Good Morning America, Chef Rush challenged me to #Flex4Forces. I am honored. Thank you to Chef Rush and all of our real American action heroes who make this country great.
Download facebook video Happy Independence Day This morning on Good Morning America Chef Rush challenged


Frank Lopez
Laurent De Caestecker
Welcome, LeBron James.
Download facebook video Welcome  LeBron James
Jeremy Bagley
Tammie Salke