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#Sephoria is tomorrow LA!!! All my beauty lovers, you’re gonna wanna peep this one Check it out and grab tickets if you’d like to come! I’ll be there hanging out! [ Link ]
Download facebook video Sephoria is tomorrow LA All my beauty lovers you’re gonna wanna
COMING SOON!! I had the opportunity to be on an episode of the Ghost Crier ! We visited a haunted, shut down YMCA at night. It was literally insane...the episode premieres Friday, Oct 19th @ 8:30 PM EST

#paranormal #Halloween2018 #ghostcrier #tvshow #BreakingFrequencies
Download facebook video COMING SOON I had the opportunity to be on an episode of

Haunted YMCA Episode FT. ME

Ghost Crier PI, LLC
Kristina Marie
Who could resist Clover the pup, let alone the @toofaced Clover Collection?! Obsesstified with this packaging & pigmentation! I used the Pretty Puppy Eyeshadow Palette for this look + the Melted Clover II liquid lip. I even used the Puppy Nose shade as highlight!
Puppy Eyeshadow Palette:
⋆ Heavy Petting
⋆ Snuggle Time
⋆ Puppy Nose
Rad note: Too Faced is donating $150,000 to Best Friends... View more »
Download facebook video Who could resist Clover the pup let alone the toofaced Clover Collection
Quiikoo Garcia
Cause it’s the weekend.
Download facebook video Cause it’s the weekend
Anthony Marcom
Mike Pell