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As I reflect on my birth, rebirth and life in Christ, the words of this song are all I have. And they mean everything to me!! What an amazing day I've had, a gift! Thank you for all the happy birthdays!
Download facebook video As I reflect on my birth rebirth and life in Christ the

All Sons & Daughters - Your Glory / Nothing But the Blood (Live)

Kimberly Schultz Plummer
Andrea Pendell
I just can't get enough of this!! My Jesus, who saved me from the power of my sin and death, gave me his life and righteousness, filled me with his very own Spirit, to live a life of true freedom, to the glory and praise of God! #unashamed
Download facebook video I just can't get enough of this My Jesus who saved me

What A Beautiful Name - Gospel Version

Susan Turner
Gilbert Mfitundinda
Have you ever seen the wonder? Walking in wonder, walking in the Light! Erin Knapp France, Laurie James, Amanda Anderson Van Sickle, Brenda Knuver Eilers :)
Download facebook video Have you ever seen the wonder Walking in wonder walking in the

Wonder // Hillsong United // New Song Cafe

Vonda Sillman