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Get excited, people - the Shopping Day offers are here! We'll see you on Wednesday 22 November from 9am-midnight.

See the offers:
Download facebook video Get excited people the Shopping Day offers are here We'll see you

November Shopping Day 2017 | Offers

Pamela Gray
Carolina Rimington
"We all meet together for dinner, it’s big BBQ where everybody brings a plate, we make a big feast of it. There’s not one part of the day that you’re not surrounded by family. Whether you’re going to visit someone or they’re coming over, family is always there".
Meet the Christofe Family, owners of Gourmet Deli House in our Fresh Food mall. For them, Christmas Day and every day is about 1... View more »
Download facebook video "We all meet together for dinner it’s big BBQ where everybody brings

LIFE IN COLOUR // The Christofe Family

Styliana Angelakos
Sandy Tsiolis