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Premier Global NASM
Premier Global NASM
07/12/2018 at 08:32. Facebook
Try this kettlebell PHA (peripheral heart action) circuit today! It's great for clients who are time poor and looking to burn some fat. If you'd like to learn more check out one of our great course offerings here: [ Link ]
Download facebook video Try this kettlebell PHA peripheral heart action circuit today It's great for

Try this peripheral heart action circuit!

Pietro Wolf
Working the abs with sit-ups and crunches to full flexion of the spine can lend itself to some common postural issues such as a flat back, which can lead to pain. Stability ball crunches, working from at the end range can be a good way to strengthen your abs, whilst encouraging them to function at their optimal length and improve flexibility if you have shortened abs (as you extend your spine... View more »
Download facebook video Working the abs with sit ups and crunches to full flexion of

Have you tried this Swill Ball variation with your clients?

Christopher Cook
Nicole Carter
Try this quick circuit to get the blood pumping. #WorkoutWednesday
Download facebook video Try this quick circuit to get the blood pumping WorkoutWednesday

Workout Wednesday