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Hitting the beach in Israel!

U.S. Navy sailors and U.S. Marine Corps Marines exercised “sea-to-shore” operations during exercise #JuniperCobra2018 near Palmachim Beach, Israel. #KnowYourMil
Download facebook video Hitting the beach in Israel U S Navy sailors and U S

Sea to Shore exercise for Juniper Cobra 2018

Steve Johnson
Mac Johnson
Training together for peacekeeping!

U.S. Army soldiers conduct a medical casualty evacuation with Bangladeshi soldiers during exercise #ShantiDoot. The U.S. is training with 30 other countries in Bangladesh to prepare United Nations peacekeepers for deployment. #KnowYourMi!
Download facebook video Training together for peacekeeping U S Army soldiers conduct a medical casualty

Shanti Doot 4 Casualty Evacuation Training

Stella Fernandez
Gabriela Pinheiro
Hand-to-hand training in Israel!

U.S. Army soldiers practice #KravMaga with the Israel Defense Forces during exercise #JuniperCobra2018! Krav Maga is an Israeli fighting style that combines boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, karate and street fighting. #KnowYourMil
Download facebook video Hand to hand training in Israel U S Army soldiers practice KravMaga

Krav Maga training for Juniper Cobra 18

Steve Johnson
J Michael Cofran
Caring for our fuzzy friends!

Here’s a cool job in the military: veterinarian! #KnowYourMil
Download facebook video Caring for our fuzzy friends Here’s a cool job in the military:

Military Careers: Veterinarian

John Wade
Lauren Foster
#ICYMI: President Donald J. Trump spoke with service members at MCAS Miramar, Calif.
Download facebook video ICYMI: President Donald J Trump spoke with service members at MCAS Miramar Calif

President Trump Delivers Remarks to Members of the Military

Mike Pierick
Laura Hollingshead