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And after two semesters, here it is: my first short film. So much appreciation to Jared for directing, Nicole and Ben for playing the two characters, Danylo and Elliot for running the club that made this film possible, and literally every single person that was involved in the making of this!
Download facebook video And after two semesters here it is: my first short film So

Joe Lopez
Linda Mugavero Morganti
[ Link ] Finale for the semester! And you know what that means! No more me annoying you with these posts!
Download facebook video Finale for the semester And you know what that means No

A-Side Podcast #11: Guardians of the Galaxy , Weirdest Alien sightings, (5.06.2017)

Another new episode! Second to last one for the semester!
Download facebook video www youtube com/watch v=RlsvwvtyoXk Another new episode Second to last one for

A-Side Podcast #10: Moonlight the Best Picture of the 21st Century? (4.29.2017)

[ Link ] "I only know one truth. It's time for the Jedi to end." So Luke has come to terms with the fact that the Jedi were an indirect cause for a lot of the suffering the galaxy went through.
Download facebook video "I only know one truth It's time for the Jedi to

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

Kathleen Garritano
[ Link ] For anyone who isn't aware, and is interested, and has nothing to do from 11 AM onwards, the new Star Wars trailer will be premiering live here, sometime between 11 and 12:30 PM.
Download facebook video For anyone who isn't aware and is interested and has nothing

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Panel | Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 (US)

[ Link ] No new episode this week (and none next week. My schools on break.) So in case whoever is reading this missed 20 mins of me doing my Alex Jones impression, here it is.
Download facebook video No new episode this week and none next week My schools

A-Side Podcast #7: Comedy, France, Dessert, Alex Jones (3,31,2017)

[ Link ] Hey guys, so I know its my birthday and all, but what's way cooler than that is that theres a new episode of me and my friends podcast. Like it. Give it views. That'd be sooooooo appreciated.
Download facebook video Hey guys so I know its my birthday and all but

A-Side Podcast #5: Christopher Nolan, Best Screenplays, Superhero Genre (3.17.17)