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Christopher Walken’s admission over bizarre comparison to Donald Trump | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Tonight viewers are poised to enjoy the season two finale of Christopher Walken’s The Outlaws, which airs on BBC One from 9pm. Written by actor Stephen Merchant, the gang must ensure a series of extreme measures are taken as they attempt to pull off the biggest con, all in front of the eyes of the public and police. The Outlaws has been a huge hit with BBC viewers, and originally aired last year, with the likes of Hollywood icon Walken leading a cast alongside Merchant and Rhianne Barreto.

Walken remains one of Hollywood’s most enduring stars, known for his versatility and work-rate, having starred in hundreds of films all while earning critical acclaim.

Among his prized acting accolades is the 1978 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in Deer Hunter.

It cemented his status among Tinsel Town’s elite, and he would go on to receive another nomination in the category for Catch Me If You Can in 2002.

Though he has played hundreds of roles during his varied career, Walken once compared himself to Donald Trump, the controversial former US President who is believed to have his eyes on the 2024 elections.

Speaking to the Financial Times in 2021, Walken noted that there were “spooky” similarities between the pair.

He said: “We’re both from Queens, we’re close to the same age, his mother is from Scotland like mine, his father is German-American like mine.

“We both have hair fixations…”

In a 2016 interview, before Trump won the remarkable election against his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, Walken discussed how he could have grown up with the politician, given that they grew up in the same city and were close in age.

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“When I watch the Republicans, I don’t know how they ever – I’ve never seen such a group.

“Now they’re yelling at each other about their wives? It’s crazy. It’s high school. ‘Little Marco and Lyin’ Ted?’ ‘You’re a bully!’ It’s not even high school.

“It’s like seven-year-olds.”

While many in Hollywood were critical of Trump, some did rally around him, including actor Jon Voight, who was awarded the National Medal of Arts during the ex-President’s time in office.

The Oscar winner, who is also actor Angelina Jolie’s father, threw his support behind Trump for a second term in 2020’s election.

He described Trump’s rival Joe Biden as “evil”, noting the incumbent President “must win” because “he’s real”.

In a video on Twitter, Voight continued: “He will bring back the people’s trust.

“These leftists are not for the American people; it’s the biggest cover-up ever.”

He added: “Biden is an extension of the policies of Obama that weakened America and we cannot let that happen again. The left are deceitful and have lied to the American people.

“They have stripped down her mighty powers for their own ego of power to rule the nation’s economy.

“Let us ask God to rid this horror and let us hold a candle on this land of the free and bring her back to the place she once stood proud. She is God’s liberty; she is God’s love; she is freedom, dignity, and God will cast his healing breath across this land.

“He will vanquish deceit and I assure you that Jesus, Moses will stand their ground and ask all to vote for truths.”

The Outlaws airs tonight from 9pm on BBC One.